How to Ensure the Quality COVID Personal Protection Equipment

October 21, 2020 from PRNewswire

A lot of personal protective equipment sold on the streets in the U.S. today isn't safe or even exists.

"When dealing with distributors, especially larger PPE orders, make sure you see proof that the product has actually came into the U.S.," said S3 Aim-X USA Strategic Partner Master Distributor United States Larry Stevens Jr. His company is the U.S. distributor for Aim-X Global.

"Ask for proof, such as custom documents, airway bills or a bill of lading. This will enable you to confirm with the official systems. This crisis has brought out all of the worse actors you can think of as they try to take advantage of the desperate needs," said Stevens.

Stevens played football for the University of Michigan for four years and professionally with the Cincinnati Bengals from 2004-2007.

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Over the past decade, Stevens and his companies have been active in 26 countries as a humanitarian or point person of influence to institute change through funding, infrastructure, development or through providing resources and strategies for growth.

Besides selling product that doesn't exist, criminals are also offering poor quality or stolen PPE at inflated prices to unsuspecting hospitals, organizations, and businesses. Fraudulent products have become a big problem in the U.S.

Even legitimate online sites might be offering fraudulent items without knowing it. It is not just online. Some unscrupulous vendors are claiming they have 3M products but not a lot of people are carrying these items.

This causes a lot of panicking by hospitals and businesses to secure PPE for their front-line workers.

"We're trying to build a premium brand around the world that people can count on and trust with high quality materials. The brand isn't just about providing PPE, it is about PPE that will keep you safe and save lives," said Stevens.

Aim-X Global lets customers see, touch, and feel products and provide reports to let them know they are real and legitimate before they buy. This is something not all vendors are willing to do," said Stevens.

Aim-X Global and its affiliates are different from competitors, in that it controls the manufacturing process at its facilities and doesn't broker anything. Aim-X Global distributes its own products around the world; through partners like S3 Aim-X USA and Aim-X Canada.

The company sells a full range of PPE for organizations or personal use, including P15 ventilators, testing kits, masks, face shields, surgical gloves, gowns and other devices and customizable kits for all needs.

Aim-X Global PPE kits are tailored for different industries; kits for schools, small business, hospitals, travelers and general workers, and kits required to respond to an epidemic outbreak. Its products are made from high quality materials.

Its products are more comfortable and often less expensive than other suppliers. A box of masks is typically $2 to $4 less expensive than other masks of similar quality because there is no middleman. Its masks are also easier to breathe through and more comfortable to wear.

Masks can also be shaped around the nose to help prevent glasses from fogging up while breathing. It also has individually wrapped masks that can be handed out without the risk of transmission.

"We also have several types of masks all comparable to 3M including 3 ply and N95 masks. It's scary how necessary they are at this point. We also control quality at every step of the manufacturing process with proper documents and certifications; other people do not have that. This is a smoother process," said Stevens.

Aim-X Global LLP products are tested in certified laboratories in Asia, Europe, and North America to attest that they meet the standards for protection of the users. S3 Aim-X USA has provided PPE to frontline workers in several states.

It has also donated masks, surgical gowns and gloves to hospitals and several other causes. Aim-X Global has donated products around the world and has been at events in Germany, Los Angeles, and the United Nations.

Aim-X Global supplies bulk purchases of medical protection supplies to governments, NGOs and Tier-1 listed companies worldwide.

S3 Aim-X USA has partnered with Aim-X Canada for online ordering of Aim-X PPE. Orders can be placed at Aim-X Canada in U.S. or Canadian dollars. Products are distributed from warehouses across the U.S. and Vancouver, BC.

For further information or to schedule an interview, contact Larry Stevens Jr. at (888) 503-6527 or