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Aim-X Canada PPE Products Pass CSA Protection Standards

Aim xCanada PPE products pass CSA standards. All Aim-X Canada products have been licensed through Health Canada and adhere to Health Canada regulations. Health Canada has provided this information to allow individuals to assess their risk profile for the virus. Individuals may select products like Aim-X Class 1 medical masks that provide a higher level of protection. These products must meet the international standards for Class I medical devices.CSA confirmed Aim-X Level 1 Masks met the requirements of medical masks with a bacterial and a particular filtration efficiency greater than 95 percent.


How to Ensure the Quality COVID Personal Protection Equipment

Aim-X Global distributes its own products around the world; through partners like S3 Aim-X USA and Aim-X Canada. The company sells a full range of PPE for organizations or personal use, including P15 ventilators, testing kits, masks, face shields, surgical gloves, gowns and other devices and customizable kits for all needs. Aim-X Global PPE kits are tailored for different industries; kits for schools, small business, hospitals, travelers and general workers, and kits required to respond to an epidemic outbreak. Its products are made from high quality materials.